A New Frame

By dusanabotswana On November 4th, 2013

new frame

Today I’m stepping out in a new frame! I’ve moved over to this new blog, designed by the wonderful, kind, and talented Gabrielle of Hippie Go Lucky. I’ve updated my Facebook, but had to create a new Bloglovin‘, so I’d love if you followed along there on my new account if you follow this one. Hope to see you over there!


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In a winter gift guide

By dusanabotswana On November 2nd, 2013



Guess what pals?! I have the wonderful honor of being featured in Ashley’s winter gift guide! I am so thankful for Ashley’s kindness in featuring me, and also thankful for Gabrielle’s kindness. I emailed Gabrielle with a design question, and not only did she answer it, but made this beautiful image for me! Although I should mention that I added the “image designed by”  part, her font original font was nicer. Where her name is on this image, there is actually a coupon code on the original image!

And who doesn’t like a good discount for holiday shopping? I heard event Santa Clause does. So head on over to the winter gift guide to check out mine and lots of other handmade goodies for some beautiful, guilt-free holiday gifts!


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Feliz Dia de los Muertos

By dusanabotswana On November 1st, 2013


coconut water

zitacuaro (11)






I really have nothing for Halloween this year  so I decided to do a little recap for Day of the Dead instead of Halloween. It feels like an eternity ago that three years from today we were witnessing festivities in Mexico City. I feel truly fortunate that we were able to live there for 10 months, and that we found such cheap travel and could explore so much of the beautiful country. You can see some of my posts about Mexico here and Mexico City here if you’d like to see more. I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!



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Business casual, or something.

By dusanabotswana On October 30th, 2013







Outfit details: hand woven bracelet – Mitla Moda here; lace tank- thrifted; work bag- secondhand; bike- secondhand thanks to a friend; Handmade cowl – c/o Oh my Chic shop.

My favorite comment from my post on Monday was from Kristian, who said (amongst a kind remark of my remixing : ) “I’m a little confused (and possibly jealous) that you have bare arms and legs but a scarf.” So maybe I’ll take this post to talk about the lamest topics of them all – the weather. Fall, winter, and early spring is perhaps the only reason why anyone lives here. We put up with 110 degree heat for so many months, that right about now, most of winter (we have a few unusually chill days where it might be cloudy and stay at 50 all day), and early spring is our reward. That’s why I always say our summers are like most people’s winters, where it’ll get too cold to enjoy outdoor activities soon in many places, it’s too hot in the summer to spend too much time outside. And I got cabin fever during summer, just like you might in winter. On that note, the pictures from Monday’s post were taken maybe a week ago. The past few days have turned cooler, where my bare legs got a bit chilly on my bike ride to work this morning, and it’ll only get up to 75 today instead of 90 like last week. I have no complaints of course, this cooler weather is just perfect!

And, that brings me to the real point of this post, it was cool enough that I could bust out this beautiful cowl handmade by Joy without sweating! Slacks and short sleeves was the perfect contrast for our Phoenix fall, and I’m so honored that Joy sent me one of her beautiful, soft and cozy, creations! Be sure to check out her shop for lots of other beautiful and affordable printed scarves and turbans, all handmade by her! And yes, this is what I wore to work, hence the title. I’ll have to start remembering to leave right on time since it’s getting dark earlier, leaving when it’s dark is such a downer isn’t it? Also, check out how adorable Jessi is wearing this plaid scarf too (and it’s not dark in her pictures so you can see it better).


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Denimn jumper + colorful woven belt

By dusanabotswana On October 28th, 2013








This jumper is so easily remix-able, as you can see below, but while I could remix it in ways to wear to the office, I rarely do, which means it doesn’t really get that much use.  You can see I’ve remixed it several times, but these might be all of the times I’ve worn it, none of which were recently, so so I figured it was another good item to part with to par down my too-large wardrobe.


Outfit details: jumper- in my shop my closet; felt hat- thrifted; cowl- handmade by a coworker for me (last seen here & here); belt- handwoven in Chiapas, Mexico, in my fair trade shop here.

Also, I decided to put this multi-colored hand woven belt up in my Mitla Moda! And remember, if you see anything that interests you from my shop my closet, 100% of your sale goes directly to supporting my fair trade shop. And I should add, if you’re interested in something but have a different price in mind, I’m certainly open, I just didn’t feel like making Ebay listings, so shoot me an email if you’d like!


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Fall dress + closet shop

By dusanabotswana On October 25th, 2013










Outfit details: dress- UO, up in shop my closet; cowboy boots- vintage, Ebay; felt hat- thrifted; woven friendship belt- find here.

Well, I don’t know if this is so blogger cliche or whatnot, but since the last time I went to a secondhand re-sale shop they didn’t take any of my stuff, I thought I might as well open up a shop my closet right here and try my luck. I only have a few things in there right now, but will be adding more soon.

If you’re interested in this Urban Outfitters dress I’m wearing in today’s post, or the lace dress I posted in here, check it out! This dress is a size large and has always been a tad of a loose fit on me and never gotten as much use as I’d hoped, so I decided it was time to part with it. I styled it up with a hand woven belt from Mitla Moda, for a “me” look, and then sans belt to get a better idea of fit. And, speaking of Mitla Moda, 100% of your purchase in anything from my “shop my closet” will go toward funding my fair trade shop. I have some big plans I’m hoping to roll out soon, which include a domain, and hopefully begin some advertising again; I’d love your help!


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A walk down Don Carlos Ln.

By dusanabotswana On October 23rd, 2013











Outfit details: shorts- secondhand jeans turned cutoffs via Buffalo Exchange (2006), sweater- yard sale; combat boots- vintage via Ebay; necklace- handmade in Mexico (hear the story in this post); wedding band – vintage from granny; friendship bracelet – handwoven from my fair trade shop here.

A walk, or actually a bike ride, down Don Carlos Lane resulted in us seeing such sites as a rundown house, an empty lot, and some interesting, local artwork. But lest anyone call that artist an anarchist with a fond love of robots and sharks, there’s an American flag, blowing in the wind. So this mystery artist remains a mystery, with an assumed love of sharks and robots. And America. Or actually maybe he got bitten by a shark once, and attacked by a robot. So instead of a lover of both, the stark statues serve as lifelong reminders to have a healthy fear of both. Ok, maybe not, apparently you only have a 1 in 3.7 million chance of being killed by a shark, and a robot, only a a 1 in 100 million chance, although that last stat was pulled from the non-internet outer space. This walk down Don Carlos Lane has gotten to my imagination. Oh, and the resident, he might just very well be a patriot.


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Plaid, boots & statement pieces

By dusanabotswana On October 21st, 2013

A bit ago I contacted a few fair trade shops that I’d recently head about and fallen in love with in hopes of both expanding my sponsorship and sharing some amazing, ethically made items with you all. One of those companies was 4 All Humanity, which is an online-only shop that features fair trade items from dresses and tops to bracelets, necklaces, scarves, and handbags. They make their apparel in a northern Ugandan cooperative, and accessories using various materials in locations around the world. They seek out their artisans to give them access to the global market (aka the good-for-something-internet), and offer technical and design help to their artisans as well, with the mission of being a model for ethical sourcing in the apparel industry, which of course is greatly needed!








Outfit details: dress + scarf- thrifted (dress, last seen here); boots- vintage Ebay (from 2009); friendship bracelet – handmade in my shop here; fair trade necklace – c/o 4 All Humanity

One of my personal favorite things about the company is how absolutely timely and on trend, but still not overly-hip-that-you-won’t-wear-it-next-season all of their items are. For example, they have a classy take on the hi-lo dress trend, and tops with those cute little back cut-outs, both of which are still appropriate for any occasion (my new obsession is getting items I can wear to both my office job and on weekends).

My favorite part of their shop though may have to be their amazing jewelry assortment (which also seems really reasonably priced to me!), so I was thrilled when the company offered to send me any piece of jewelry of my choice! It was a very tricky choice, but I ended up picking the Tigris Bib necklace. I’ve been wanting a statement necklace, and this one can really go with everything. I’ve worn it several times to work already and am really happy with the quality. I actually accidentally pulled it and broke the chain, but was able to just put the link right back on (I did it a bit crookedly you’ll see). Items that are designed to for assembly and disassembly instead of just breaking get an extra bonus in my book, so I couldn’t recommend the necklace more!

And in case you were wondering, my other favorite items are their coral beaded necklace, the gold arrow necklace, and the solar cuff, the war & peace cuff,

*This is a sponsored post in that I received a product in exchange for a review, but the company did not ask me to say anything specific about them or highlight any of their other products. I just like them and their fair trade mission and items so much I chose to, and I was the one to reach out to them.*



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Flock Together Turns One!

By dusanabotswana On October 20th, 2013

ft favs3

Today is the one year anniversary of Flock Together, the lovely style collective/clothing swap group I’ve had the privileged of being a part of. I’m extremely honored that the stylish gals asked me to join the group, and am sharing my favorite things about the group over there today, as are the others. And, as a bonus, you can see everyone’s favorite swapped outfits to date – it’s such a lovely assortment of styles and remixes you really won’t want to miss. See it here.

Oh, and in case you wanted to see more of these outfits, you can see them here: bohemian, double swap, emerald forest, mustard, and galaxies.


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Currently Coveting

By dusanabotswana On October 18th, 2013

October is Fair trade month! If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed I’ve been retweeting an extra amount of fair trade items lately, and now you know why. There’s been so much amazing information going around right now that I’ve been trying to find a balance between being well informed and well rested. Anyway, this month’s Currently Coveting I decided to dedicate to fair trade! Although I absolutely agree that if you cannot afford fair trade right now, vintage is a great option, especially since most vintage you’ll find in the U.S. was made here and fairly made. And of course you’re not contributing to more waste through manufacturing more goods, etc.

It’s always a fine line because of course even if all new items are fair trade, it’s not always the greenest option, but I’m happy that many fair trade companies (like my shop, Mitla Moda : ) have lots of skilled artisans that hand craft items, which of course makes for a much lower carbon footprint than factories.

But anyway, sometimes you also don’t also find that perfect item when you need it secondhand, and then I fair trade of course is the way to go! Here are some of my favorites, all that are also within my price range (since many times fair trade is not within my price range).


This necklace from One Tree Mango & this dress, both of which are on sale and the same price as… guess what? Fast Fashion!

Mata Traders dress, which I’m showing the gorgeous & stylish October Rebel wearing, and is also on sale for $19!


How precious are these little cosmetic bags by Eternal Creation?

asos fair trade

ASOS carries fair trade items now (not new, I know); I’m loving this dress by People Tree & this one from their Africa line.


Who doesn’t love a good bangle and gold arrow necklace right now? I thought these were great, fair options that also seem comparably priced to a normal store.

Teal Annie’s shop, all made in a one-woman-show by Stephanie, also use tons of upcycled materials! I think it may be time for me to finally take the plunge on this beautiful necklace.

So this one is a bit out of my price range w/ the British pound, but how amazing is this leopard print top by Johari!?



These fantastic skinny pants by Farfetch, although I’m not seeing that much about Fair Trade on their site and am guessing only some of the products they carry are, like ASOS, so maybe these pants aren’t.

These little totes and clutches from Raven + Lily.

The Fred & Ginger dress by Mata Traders, also on sale now (picture taken from their blog).



This amazing skirt from The Beautiful Think.

passion lillie scarf

Love the contrast on this scarf by Passion Lilie.

Embedded image permalink

And I wanted to shared this little snippet about fair trade to end with; via Slow Fashion’s Twitter. Also a big thanks to Kindness by Design & October Rebel for introducing me to so many wonderful fair trade shops! And if you have any other affordable fair trade, fairly made, and green shops you enjoy, please do share! Hope you enjoyed seeing some fair trade products.



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Here Lies

By dusanabotswana On October 17th, 2013










Outfit details: pearls & boots, thrifted; dress- c/o Oasap; purse- hand crochet in Mexico; ring- vintage from granny; friendship bracelet- Mitla Moda here.

I haven’t been sharing much about what’s going on in my life lately, which is just always the same sign; it’s gotten crazy with grad school and the 8-5. I just finished a quarter on Saturday though, after two three-hour finals in a row. It was definitely one of the more intense quarters, so I sure am glad to be done and onto another. It was interesting material though. And I have assignments due in a few days already, which I can’t keep putting off any longer, although it was a much-needed little break. Oh, and as for my outfit, here’s one I wore to the office, only with tights due to the dress length. Most importantly, I’m excited that Halloween is not on one of my four-hour class nights like it was last year!

Do you all have your costumes ready already? I just realized that it’s in two weeks, so clearly I do not! And no, the house is not ours, we have no decorations, but Jonny and I biked past this one the other day and had to take a few quick shots. They sure got creepy down with the tree!


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Bohemian Fall

By dusanabotswana On October 15th, 2013





Outfit details: jeans- old (2007 I think); bag, boots & felt hat- thrifted; top- La Flora, in my shop here .

I meant to take pictures in this embroidered top from my fair trade shop last fall, but clearly that never happened. This time around though, I remembered on time, and I love how “fall-hued” the embroidery is. I tried to make a bit of a bohemian, fall look with it all, but in Phoenix fall weather means you can finally wear pants/leggings without having a heat stroke, so the layering over here is pretty minimal. A light sweater is needed at night and early mornings though, and I don’t recall it being a tad chilly this early in past years. It’s beautiful though, and we’re loving being out of the five month heat spell and being able to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking again.

By “a light sweater is needed” in evenings/early morning I mean we need one, most of you reading this surely wouldn’t; it’ll supposedly get down to 66 around 11pm tonight. Oh, and we realized there are hundreds of palm trees growing in our back yard, some of which I pulled out, so that’s what’s going on here in case you were wondering.


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Mitla Moda: How they wore it

By dusanabotswana On October 11th, 2013

For this series of “How they wore it” I decided to feature some of my beautiful friends. All of these pictures but the last have been shown on here before, so pardon my repetition if you’re an older reader and have seen them. But, since I’m happy to say I have  a few new readers, I decided to feature them again, and all together! And I’ll link to the original posts in case you want to see more.

My friend Jessica actually ended up getting the Chickadee in Aqua, but I still love this picture of her, more of which you can see here.

the chickadee_chili pepper

I adore Marie’s effortlessly hip styling of The Chickadee in Chili Pepper. See her look here.


the chickadee_cobalt



Meg bought her tops when she visited us in Mexico and was a huge supporter of me beginning the shop. The indigo hues are sold out now, but you can find The Chickadee in light blue still, and can see her original styling here for ideas.

Next is Meg in The Oaxacan in blue, black base (similar), more pictures seen here.

the chickadee_naranja1

My pal Lizzy, a pretty face you see every so often on here in her The Chickadee in Naranja - see more of the look here .


And Lizzy in The Oaxacan in The Oaxacan in Gold, see the photoshoot here.



And her beautiful Aunt! Lizzy was so kind and purchased her aunt The Chickadee in Tulip. Anyway, I’ll keep it short since I have quarter finals tomorrow, but I hope you all have a lovely weekend with the nice fall weather!


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Lakeside Fall

By dusanabotswana On October 9th, 2013






This vintage dress of Hannah’s was just too darling for me to pass up only styling once, especially since I went nearly sans accessories on my first styling (which you can see below). I knew I wanted to pair it with a hand woven belt from my shop, and after trying on a few different colors that matched the dress a bit more, I gave contrast a try. Next came the hat, and I ended up with a look I was expecting, but in colors I certainly wasn’t, which in the end I suppose creates a completely different look. Anyway, it was fun to make such a different styling to such a beautiful, versatile dress!

Outfit details:
Dress: Vintage from Hannah
Hat & Boots: Vintage, thrifted
Necklace: Vintage, gift
Belt: In my shop here




 Dus Jessi  | Hannah 


Hope all of your falls are off to a wonderful start! Over here in Phoenix we are just thrilled for it to be out of the 100′s and into the 80′s! Also, if you liked seeing the different remixes, don’t forget you can follow our Flock Together style collective on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!



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Blogger Icon: Hippie Go Lucky

By dusanabotswana On October 8th, 2013

Exciting news for you all today! I’ve interviewed one of my favorite bloggers and people in general, Gabrielle of Hippie Go Lucky! As I mentioned here and here, she’s really inspired me lately to work on taking better pictures, so I hope you enjoy seeing a few of her beautiful shots and learning more about her!


Q: Can you share a few tidbits about yourself?

I am a 22 years old photographer and graphic designer living in Canada. I love to create, feel and listen. I am obsessed with symmetry, but I am far from symmetrical. I am messy and lazy, empathetic and carefree.

Q: What’s it like living in Canada? (I know, I know, it’s where you live so it’s normal to you, but it’s pretty cool to me!)

I probably have a biased opinion because I haven’t lived anywhere else but I think Canada is great. In a year you go from +40 to -40, from green trees to red,orange and yellow leaves and then to a completely white scenery. Right now I live in an urban area, which has its advantages: cute local shops and restaurants at a walking distance. But I must say, every time I go back home I am amazed at how nice grass and corn fields look.
(Editor’s note: 40 here means 40 CELSIUS!)

Q: When did you start blogging and why did you start?

I started a year ago. I wanted a place to share my everyday life in pictures. For me blogging wasn’t about writing at all. I guess you could say I talk with pictures more than I do with words. I am proud that after a year I still love every minute of blogging and don’t feel like I want to stop, ever.

Q: What has been your biggest or best photography tip?

Thats a hard one! I can start by saying that photography can be divided in two different parts. The moment you take the picture and the moment you edit the picture. A great tip I learnt a couple of years ago is to take your time. I remember a lot of times feeling shy to be standing in front of a building or in front of people while setting my camera so I would just hit the shutter and leave. Then look at the picture and feel disappointed that either the light wasn’t good or the angle wasn’t quite what I wanted. As for editing goes… it’s a big part of photography now. I never post, print or give a picture to someone without editing it. Have fun with editing. You can do so many simple things (add contrast, play with the temperature, put it in black and white…) to give a picture a little more “oumph”!


Q: What item or items in your wardrobe could you not go without?

Right now it would probably be my high waited jean and my converse shoes.

Q: Do you feel that your style changes a lot with the seasons or is it based on other things? Any tips for not freezing to death come fall/winter but still looking hip?

My style doesn’t really change with the seasons. I can’t really categorize my “style” but since I have too this is the best I’ve got : “a lazy laidback gal expressing herself through thrifted finds”.

A tip for still looking hip through the freezing winter: a cheap beanie + a handmade pompom and voilà!


Q: What are some of your favorite things to do when you aren’t busy blogging or working?

I love to cook. I seriously loooooooove to cook. I’m always in the mood to try a new recipe. I spend a lot of time at the thrift store. I also love to sing. Most of the time you’ll find me singing 1940s’ jazz songs.
(Editor’s note: You can hear Gabrielle’s beautiful voice on her Youtube here.)

Q: And just for fun, what are a few of your favorite songs at the moment?

Shakey Graves – Daisy Chains

Matt Corby – Resolution

Les Soeurs Boulay – Ôte-Moi Mon Linge

Patrick Watson – Noisy Sunday

Thank you so much Dus for letting me share a little bit about my life on your lovely blog! xx

And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Gabrielle’s beautiful blog, Hippie Go Lucky, because her littlest kitty is almost a clone of my little Lila. And for tons of other reasons of course, like her beautiful photographs and kind, carefree spirit!


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Find me on Flock Together

By dusanabotswana On October 7th, 2013


Today you can find me over on Flock Together, remixing Hannah’s little vintage dress because, just like Katie’s dress I recently wore, it was too good to style up just once!



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Monthly Muses

By dusanabotswana On October 4th, 2013



Dress!! Hat! Sunglasses, bag, boots.



Sessùn Automne


One Mango Tree Pocket Skirt. LOVE IT>

This pin; fair trade shop here.

70s Jacket, 60s Dress, 80s Boots



simple and cute


roll up the pants


#autumn #vintage #frenchconnection #ootd #style #outfit



For this month’s Monthly Muses I decided to pull from my Pinterest. Unlike my outfits from last fall (a round-up of which you can see here), I’m really loving the neutrals, less is more stuff. I’m craving a brown dress. That’s normal I know, but I always thought brown was an ugly color for me to wear except for shoes and purses and such and I’d always opt for a different color instead. Not that I’ve thought brown was an ugly outfit color on others (although maybe on occasion), it was just kind of like bright pink to me. As in one of those color I was never drawn to wear.

Oh, and the links above are to my pins because most of the time when I clicked on the link it didn’t go to that blogger’s post, so I thought it was simpler that way, sorry for my Pinterest spam. And note to bloggers, put your actual post link in your pins so people can see which post that rad outfit was from.

Fall fall fall fall fall fall fall……. this internet in the northern hemisphere is obsessed (understandably). Anyway, what are some of your favorite looks this season? I’d love to see your favorite links!



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Remixing a swap

By dusanabotswana On October 3rd, 2013






I normally might’ve said to heck with these pictures and taken new ones on another day when I didn’t just miss the sunshine. But, this is  Katie’s grandmother’s dress that I borrowed through a Flock Together swap, and didn’t want to keep it away from her any longer. By the time I realized how lousy these shots had turned out with the lighting, I’d already bundled up her beauty of a dress back to South Dakota. And still, I wanted to show my fall remix of it (Phoenix fall weather, I should add).

I’ve been using Photoshop curves a bit more lately, as I’ve said in recent posts, and I like how I was able to give these a vintage feel to sort of compensate for them originally being much too dark.

Anyway, you can see how I first styled Katie’s dress below, as well as her beautiful, classic looks.


 Katie 1 / Katie 2 / Me 1

What are some of your favorite ways to remix items for fall? I’d love to hear and see your ideas!



An Urban Labratory Pt. II

By dusanabotswana On October 2nd, 2013

2013-09-21 13.25.55

2013-09-21 12.05.30

2013-09-21 13.36.47


2013-09-21 13.53.05

2013-09-21 13.28.05

2013-09-21 13.31.19

2013-09-21 13.31.40

2013-09-21 13.32.45




I had so many pictures, although only on my phone (hear why yesterday), that I decided to break up the beauty that is Arcosanti into two posts. Today I’m sharing with you some more of the architecture, and the bells! On our tour we were explained (by a local resident, a welder) not only about the community, but also about how they make the beautiful bells, all by hand, which Soleri used and the community still uses, to partially fund the place.

I found it really awesome how Soleri worked with, not against nature and made molds right from the dirt (shown above). We purchased the small bell that I’m holding, but I’ll have to take more photos of it later to show the beautiful little details. And, my apologies for my small photos that aren’t the same size, that’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine, but the resolution from my phone was too low and putting them together seemed distracting. You can hear much more about Arcosanti in this post here if you’re interested!


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An Urban Laboratory

By dusanabotswana On October 1st, 2013




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Outfit details: top (worn with this dress under) – available in my fair trade shop here; felt hat, backpack & shoes- thrifted; necklace – vintage from family; bracelet- hand beaded in Mexico. 

A couple weekends ago we had the opportunity to go with some friends to a really cool place called Arcosanti. You can (and I highly recommend) reading more about the place and project on their website, but in a nutshell it’s a really neat urban experiment created by architect Paolo Soleri, who created the concept of arcology. His idea was to create a self-sustaining desert community, and he used structure and materials (dirt and clay) to keep space cool without the need for air conditioning, and warmer in winter without heating. Because of the significant environmental and psychological impacts of urban sprawl, he created a space not built for cars but for walking and cycling, that included living, working, and even shopping areas to create a community (since feelings of isolation is just one of the psychological effects of urban sprawl). His project has never been completed because of a lack of funds, but you can see what he envisioned in the model above.

Unfortunately my camera died right when we arrived, after a few pictures, so the majority of these are from my phone, which wasn’t even set at the highest resolution. I was able to use Julia’s curves though to fix some of the colors. And, for my outfit, I wanted a bohemian but comfy look for such a cool place, so I paired up my The Chickadee top with a lace dress under. I’ll be sharing more about Arcosanti tomorrow – see ya then!


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