The Windy City!

By dusanabotswana On May 15th, 2011

Wow! I cannot believe it’s been a whole week since I was in Chicago. This week really went by fast. I know everyone says that every week, so I should say, it went by much faster than a normal week for me. Maybe it was since I was in planes and at airports all afternoon and night Monday.

So I know it’s not very current anymore, but I still want to say a bit about my time in Chicago last weekend (yes, mostly so I don’t forget it myself!).

So, about the event: It was so fun seeing how excited little kids got just from getting a balloon, and I made a point to be extra friendly to the people who stopped by, which got me in a good mood as well. I spoke Spanish with most of the older people, and some seemed a little shocked that I spoke Spanish- always a nice confidence booster. Our booth was also right accross from the stage so that was fun- some of the music was actually pretty good (the girl who did Selena covers!) and others just fun or funny (the girl group in very mini mini-skirts who sang about not wanting to work and “put your hands up if you like marijuana”). It was mostly families but no one seemed to complain about “family friendly” music and attire, they just seemed to actually enjoy the event with their families. That was refreshing to see.


The next morning I got to see my dear friend Jessica. It was much too short but we did get to go to breakfast and she was so kind and took me on some errands I needed to do (like stock up on sunblock, which is more expensive here).
Saturday afternoon/evening I worked the event again, trying to keep moving to stay “warm,” but still ending up shivering. My coworkers actually told me to go sit in the car for the last few minutes! Guess that’s what happens when you’ve only ever lived in pretty warm places haha!

About to laugh at myself in the outfit I recreated yesterday. Really pretty old building in a cute town near Chicago.


The evening turned out well though with dinner with coworkers because, guess what? I made a joke! And more importantly, people didn’t just laugh, they actually cracked up!! I know it’s super lame to care, but I still smile when I think about it since everything was in Spanish and it can be really hard to show your sense of humor in a different language and with different cultures (yes, generally I feel pretty lame and boring here in Mexico!).

Bracelet I brought for my friend Jessica. Look at those perfect nails, should have asked her for a manicure!


The next morning I worked the event (luckily warmer!) and then got to see my dear Russian friend and… go in the jacuzzi! It’s been over a year since I’ve last been in one due to living abroad, and since one of my favorite things is girl chats in jacuzzis, I’ve really missed it!

Heading into downtown Chicago on The Loop.


Monday morning I had a few hours to kill and headed into downtown Chicago alone. I had a pretty good time just wandering, despite never finding ice cream. (Eating some creamy, American ice cream was on my lists of things to do.Yes, there is ice cream in Mexico and yes, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I eat plenty of it! They just prefer more sorbert-type water-based kinds so as an ice cream adict, I mean, connosuire, I’ve missed my favorites! : )

I was obsessed with these beautiful white flowers in bloom.


Anyway, even though I was far away from home, it was really fun to be back in the US for a few days- see good friends and enjoy the things I always took for granted when living there but now miss- certain foods, jacuzzis, baths (I always only have showers).

Also obsessed with the tulips! I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen these “live” before! Cold weather plants I suppose.

P1170314 I

I had a really fun time working with different people for a weekend; everyone was really nice to me and I really felt like part of the group when we hung out during meals. This is something that can be tough and can take some time, I suppose anywhere, but even more so abroad, so it also really made me happy.


I also had such a good time at the event that I realized I might like working in this. I’m in a bit of a slump right now about not finding jobs in anything I’d like to work in- something that combines sustainability and marketing, so I’m happy to have one more area to look into (again, ideally something that would combine sustainable development or products with events, but I realize I am being really picky since this is still a small market and hard to get in to.)

Ok, hope I didn’t bore you too much!


Thanks for stopping by,



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3 Responses to “The Windy City!”

  1. annebeth Says: May 16th, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    you don’t bore me, I love that top btw! :D hope you find a great job soon :) thanks for your lovely comment!!

  2. Marie Says: May 16th, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    glad you enjoyed your trip! minus the cold, how cold was it??
    i really like that bracelet you brought Jessica.

    and i have faith you will find your dream job!

  3. dusanabotswana Says: May 16th, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    Girls, thanks a lot! Both of your comments actually motivated me to look some more today.

    Annebeth- phew, it’s great to hear I’m not a boring blogger from such a fun one!

    Marie- It definitely wasn’t really cold for Chicago, but I’d say on par with Phoenix winters! Glad you like the bracelet becuase I’m going to drag you along to look for more when you come visit!

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