A skirt as a dress (again)

By dusanabotswana On August 24th, 2011

Here’s what I wore Saturday for a day of thrifting and errand running with a friend. It was pretty unsuccessful on the thrifting part, I think all the college students have wiped out all the thrift stores nearby and I’ll have to head farther out next time for the last few household items, namely silverware. I mean, sure, I could wash dishes a bit more often and we could make do with the few we have, but I am reveling in finally having a dishwasher after so long, so there’s no way I’m washing anything that can go in that wonderful washing machine!


This pretty belt later got completely destroyed by a sprinkler run. At least least it was cheap and the run made the rest of the very long nighttime walk bearable, and luckily I thought to kick off my shoes beforehand at least! I can’t believe how hot it still is at night here, and how spread apart everything is. Just walking across ASU campus took forever, but I got lots of good walking exercise at least, which I’ve certainly needed since being back.


Just wanted to share a few of my thrifted furniture finds that I don’t think I’ve showed before. First is the coffee table, definitely one of my favorite finds. Next is this Ikea side chair (topped with our pretty rug from Merida, Mexico), and last but not least (please excuse the horrible lighting in all of these by the way, my camera is crap), a lamp, desk, and a chair. The chair desperately needs a major scrub down and even reupholstering, so I kind of regret getting the whole set, but well, nothing to do about that now.



lamp desk

Ok, this isn’t thrifted, I just wanted to put this picture because, my goal this week is to style either of these headbands. Sounds easy I know, but they’ve been sitting in my closet since we’ve been back and even in Mexico, except when we were travelling, when I threw them on on a regular basis, regardless of matching an outfit or not, to cover up some less than presentable hair.


I’ve been storing my coffee grinds for a little over a week in this pot a friend made me (to put in my upcoming compost, they supposedly are great for soil, c’mon, I’m not that weird!).

Either I sure drink a ton of coffee, or I put way too many scoops in my french press!

I think it’s a combination of the two actually, and I’ve since been measuring better my brews, using much less and still having a good cup.


Now for some pretty handmade things- tea towels my grandma just embroidered for me. A whole set of adorable bird and birdhouse ones with each day of the week for me, and a few lighthouse ones that were for my brother that I stole. (Yes, I’ll let the gender norm assumptions slide, she is like 80 or something.)



The one below is from my other grandma, which she made a few years ago. She lives in a retirement community and has a lot of friends there, so I figure she’s less bored than my other grandma that’s why she only made me one.

Random side note- yay for people getting a sense of community at any age! And why can’t we have more places set up like that for people of all ages? (I’m a huge fan of homes that are set up to build community, in case you didn’t know, ones designed specifically for shared kitchens, etc, and even more simpler versions, like many newer apartment buildings in the city I lived in in Spain, which are built in a square with a playground, pool, and garden area.)


Anyway, enough seriousness, I also like purposely covering my face in ice cream. And own too many shoes.

P1220055 P1220056

Recognize my dress? I pulled the same trick again and hiked up this long skirt & belted it to make a dress (my first try at this was when I went to the Mogollon Rim)


Outfit details: dress- thrifted skirt ($1); belt- thrifted ($2); friendship bracelet- Chiapas; beaded bracelet- Mexico City; purse- handmade in Merida, Mexico; hat- Oaxaca; shades- borrowed from friend; shoes- thrifted Dr. Scholl’s ($3).


final thx

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One Response to “A skirt as a dress (again)”

  1. Meg Says: August 25th, 2011 at 6:50 am

    I still love that skirt made into a dress! I need to find a skirt so I can do it too :) I love your tea towels! I thought they were all made by the same grandma..it’s funny how they both embroider in almost the same style!! 1 sprinkler run in AZ summer > one cute thrifted belt!!

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