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By dusanabotswana On August 30th, 2011

Yesterday I spent almost the entire day applying for jobs, in a what seemed like a very productive, but now feels like a total waste of time day. When the evening rolled around I was just about fed up with everything and needed to get out of the house, so when Jonny finally got home from class (after my mom rejected my discount cinema invite haha), we biked over to downtown Tempe to use our free frozen yogurt coupon. Now, as you’ll probably remember I am a huge fan of ice cream and gelato, but who can pass up a completely free dessert of any kind? Certainly not me. Or almost any, I should say, now that I don’t eat gluten anymore.

(Please excuse the horrible lighting from my awful camera.) After this cheeseball pic I continued sliding down, deciding that I’m going to start doing that much more often. Gotta find little thrills in life & it was more fun than I expected.


Anyway, new eateries should really have more free coupons like this, although for their own good they should probably put a fill-size limit or something. (There were a few people going even crazier with the self-serve than we were!) Right, back to my point, we would have never tried out this new frozen yogurt place because well, there are currently a gillion in the area, but we did because of the coupon, and, even being the non-frozen yogurt lovers that we are, we’ll probably even go back, at least once.


Hopefully it’s not that bad that you can tell in the pictures, but these shorts are a bit snugger than they were the last time I wore them (here). Oops… gotta stop using the heat as an excuse to not exercise or they’ll just keep getting snugger and snugger.. for 2 months at least haha. I do really think I’ll sign up for a gym though since exercising outside is not an option in the heat wave that is the Phoenix valley!


Outfit details: top- one-piece Zara sales ($8); shorts- thrifted ($1); bracelet- handmade in Mexico; shoes- swapped.

Downtown Tempe has so many cute spots, like the little gazebo above which, even in better weather, seems to always be deserted, perfect for a romantic, free frozen yogurt sharing, sweat dripping, evening (we left after we got to hot, even at night, ugh)! I wish I hadn’t forgotten my memory card to have taken more than just a few pictures of the area but oh well, next time, during the day where my camera will capture things better!

The mosque. Once I wanted to go inside since the building is so cool from the outside. I was asked if I wanted to use the restroom.


Mmmm Japanese food. This is a different day, but since this post is a little bare, I thought I’d share it here. I’d never before gotten anything but sushi before from sushi restaurants, but since I’m not really eating rice either (I’ve read it reacts similarly to gluten in your stomach, but really I’ve just never been a big fan of it), I finally checked out the rest of the menu. My octopus salad was incredible, as was the seafood whatever delight. I always thought I was so great about trying new foods, but man had I been missing out! Yay to friends for helping us try new things!


And, a picture I meant to post awhile ago. This was the only thing in our freezer for a few days after we moved. Yep, we had our priorities straight : )



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2 Responses to “Free date”

  1. Meg Says: August 31st, 2011 at 6:36 am

    omg I love the color of your shorts! I like how you put the stipes and MJ’s with them too…i’m just a huge sucker for stripes!

  2. dusanabotswana Says: September 1st, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    Thanks Meg, colored shorts & stripes are def two of my fav things right now… although you’d never guess on the stripes.

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